About  AnkerWork

AnkerWork, an official sub-brand of Anker,

will equip you with the tools you need to succeed and excel

in hybrid working environments. Our innovative solutions

are optimized by unique technology, including VoiceRadar,

VoiceShield and MagicSight, to help you grab opportunities and

overcome obstacles to realize your full professional potential,

wherever you want to work.

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ANKER 앤커워크 파워컨퍼런스 C300 인공지능 웹캠 1080p FHD


Seeing each other
is a critical part of connecting

Thanks to the AI Auto-Frame function, PowerConf C300 gives you the

flexibility to move around to show your work. Instead of manually moving the camera to keep yourself in frame, have the camera follow your

face so your classmates and teachers can always see you.

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ANKER 앤커워크 파워컨퍼런스 C300 인공지능 웹캠 1080p FHD


To hear and be heard are key in communication

Background noises and unclear sound output create a serious barrier to effective learning regardless of the environment. A noise-cancelling speakerphone drowns out distracting sounds so others hear only your voice. The ultra-clear voice pick provides crystal-clear audio clarity to aid comprehension by avoiding misheard or unheard information.

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ANKER 앤커워크 B600 올인원 2K 비디오바

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